Satta Bazar, Pakistan’s Premier Shopping Destination

Satta Bazar is located in the heart of Pakistan in the North-western part. It is the third largest city in Baluchistan and has a mixture of people, culture and offers a great deal of shopping experiences. The major attractions to the area are the Pir satta king result National Park, the Cholistan River and the Sirar Glacier. The shopping and recreational opportunities here will entice anyone interested in doing some serious shopping, dining or travelling. Those looking for a budget vacation can also experience the same charm at the same location.

Satta Bazar is home to a wide range of shops offering a variety of goods. There are bazaars that sell everything from garments, carpets and furniture to jewelry and handicrafts. The market is open every day and closed on Saturdays. A trip to the area during any time is an interesting experience, as there are various activities going on during all times of the week. Some of the main attractions of the area are the Cholistan Gorge where visitors can view a waterfall and the beautiful Satta River valley.

Those who travel to the region often buy handicrafts and other products in the bazaar. A trip to Satta Bazar is incomplete without a visit to the many temples that are present here. This includes the Badshah Qadri temple which is famous for the impressive carvings on the rock faces it was carved. Other significant temples in the area are the Tomb of Zafar Shah Durrani and the Golden Temple of Chashmashahi.

The Qalandars is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the area. This is the marketplace that is found near the railway station. It has been constructed over a century ago and is still bustling with activity today. The bazaar is considered the oldest market in Baluchistan and is frequented by both local and tourists to buy traditional carpets, metal wares, stone statues and ceramics.

The market is a three-storied building that is covered with tightly packed rows of stalls where different kinds of merchandise are sold. Most of the stall sellers have their own carvings and designs on their wares. It is a better idea to purchase your merchandise from them as they work in pairs to ensure that the products get their due value. The area has a wide variety of products including clothes, jewelry, handbags, toys and furniture. You will also find a variety of handicrafts.

The black satta 786 Bazaar is home to many government and private agencies and organizations. These include the Afghan Research Institute and Journalism School. They conduct several events on a regular basis and feature prominent speakers who enlighten the people on various issues pertaining to cultural and economic aspects of Baluchistan. There are also several clubs and societies that conduct various activities in the area. Those who want to spend the night can enjoy the numerous pubs, restaurants, discos and pubs scattered all over the bazaar.

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